Tech North Founders' Network

Date   Dec, 2015      Client   Tech North      Work   Logo, Brand Development, Brand Guideline, Marketing Collateral

About the project 

Tech North Founders' Network is a free six-month programme of educational workshop-led events for early to mid-stage tech startup founders in the North of England. The programme is set up by Tech North in late 2015 and they contracted me to create an unique identity for their member association that is approachable, bold and exciting to attract founders to join. 

“A Network where northern founders will be proud to be a part of. ”



The Tech North Founders' Network logo needs to complement the existing Tech North and its various programmes' branding, without necessarily using the same fonts or colour schemes. And it should reflect the nature of the Tech North Founders' Network which in essence is about open sharing, collaboration, mutual support between startup founders, and top quality events. 


Initial Concepts

I started with concepts of a compass that points North, which not only reflects the geographical location but also explore the theme of navigation in the startup process— which is an area the founders' network will provide help on.

I experimented with a compass needle that is formed by the letters F and N and different graphical representations of a compass.



Iterations on stylistic compass concept

After gaining feedback from the client, I picked a more stylistic compass as my final symbol. I then further iterated on the symbol and the type choice. Below you can see some work on proportions and spacing. 



Colour Exploration



Final Colour Palette


FN Orange

Dark Grey



Final Logo

Main Marque

“The Founders’ Network logo comes in 5 variations, which makes our visual identity versatile and can be applied in many visual touchpoints. The main marque represents our brand in the most complete form, andserves as our primary logo. It is composed of the compass symbol with the Founders’ Network workmarque, and works the best on a white background. ”



“The Compass is the symbol of Founders’ Network. It represents the search of support, direction and ultimately success among founders up north. The Compass should always be 90 degree upright and points north. You can use the Compass on its own, we do it all the time.”

Main Marque with Holding Device

Compass with Holding Device



Brand Guideline

Selected pages



Marketing Collateral