Date   Jul, 2014      Client   Student project      Work Done  Brand Identity, Landing page design & development

About the project 

This project is one of my core web projects during my UX/UI design apprenticeship with Bloc.  The objective of the project to provide an online presence for Jottly, a brand new SaaS (Software as a Service) startup with a web application that allows you to write, edit, post and share content with your peers in an easy and enjoyable process. 


  • Create an identity for Jottly, including logo and the visual brand.
  • Design and develop a responsive landing page for Jottly to promote their product and acquire signups for their services. 


To create an identity for Jottly, I started by interviewing the client and performed a competitive analysis. As Jottly is a new startup, the goal is to make sure Jottly stand out from the crowd of online writing tools and have its own personality—a visual brand that is "confident and professional, yet relaxed and easy-going". From the logo and colour exploration, I constructed a detailed style guide to ensure visual consistency in all digital assets. Then, I designed and created content for the landing page. Using my final mockup, I coded the landing page. 


 Sketched Thumbnails


Digital Exploration 


Final Logo


Style Guide 


Landing Page