Date   Nov, 2015      Company   Preceptiv      Role  Lead Designer      Work   Product Management, UX/UI Design, Front-end development

Awards      EMEA finalist, Twitter's Ads API Challenge


About the project

TopicDNA is a big data social analytics platform that helps top-tier media agencies and brands to profile their audiences for better ad targeting. 

As the first design hire at TopicDNA, I worked very closely with the founders to create the new social media profiling platform. From user research, designing wireframes and high-fidelity mockups, to writing front-end code, I worked on TopicDNA’s product development and product roadmap.



For basic users

  • Target: social media managers at SMBs and startups, personal twitter accounts 
  • Design a responsive web application that allows individual users to explore other users' interests, 'personas', and topics they are following based on their behaviour (tweets, re-tweets, hearts) on twitter. 
  • Design an user flow that promote engagement (tweets, re-tweets) with new and existing audiences

For business users

  • Target: Brand managers and social media managers at media agencies and big brands
  • Help business users to profile who their audiences are and find more similar audiences to engage with
  • Provide audience analysis and followers benchmark reports that analyse interests, topics and brands followed. 



After an initial meeting with the founders to understand the problem they are solving and learning about their proprietary technology on social data analysis, I first worked on a competitive analysis to research on what other players are doing in this space. 

Then, I created user stories to breakdown the design problem and guided the founders to really narrow down the core user goals of their application. With a focused set of requirements, I worked on creating results-oriented user flows for each goal: Profile Discovery, Individual profile engagement, Search and export target audiences for mass engagement.   

Gaining feedback on the user flows, I then sketched out wireframes of individual UI component and screens. After more iterations on the wireframes, I moved on to work on a basic style guide that includes type and color choices. Next, I designed high fidelity mockups and created an interactive prototype using Invision.

With design approval, I prepared a specification document with sliced assets using Zeplin for the developers I am collaborating with. I also contributed in front-end development of the final application. 

We launched a MVP in December, 2015 after 1.5 months of product work. With the initial user feedback and more usability testing, we iterated on a second version to refine the app. 


Application Mock Up

Discovery Page

Search Results

User Profile

User Profile - Mobile View


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